Over 18 Years of Local Experience, Client Commitment, and Personalized Excellence in Courier, Service of Process and Now Investigations, and Over 25 Years Combined Experience in the Courier Industry.

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We Specialize In:

  • – On-Demand Same-Day Delivery Service
  • – Process Service
  • – Attorney Services
  • – Private Investigations
  • – Background Checks
  • – On-Time Service at Various Levels
  • – Court Filing & Legal Document Services
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The Best Service in Denver

Since 1990, our family owned and operated business has been the go-to local courier service for the Denver Metro Area and the Front Range. The dedication exemplified by our courier service to completing a job on time, keeping our customer’s important information safe, and never overlooking a detail has been the basis of our courier, process serving, and now investigative services. Colorado is now regulated-(2015) through DORA as it pertains to Private Investigations, and a license is now required.(*)

Courier Services

Our reliable same-day delivery service ensures that your valuable documents and packages arrive safely in the correct hands. We offer three levels of service, standard (3-5 hours), express (2-3 hours), and rush (1 hour). Choose the option that best suits your needs and leave the rest up to our experienced, friendly, in-house team of couriers. An emailed or telephoned confirmation of delivery is available upon request.

If you have more than a one-time need for dependable, timely delivery service, we are able to set up daily, weekly, and monthly deliveries as well as deliver in bulk as a stop on our regular route.

Need something delivered now or after hours? Please call us with your needs as we strive to accommodate any task at any time.

Background Checks

When you don’t need a full-fledged investigation, but would still like to find something out about a person, we are here to help. Say you would feel more comfortable allowing someone to babysit your children, or your nerves would relax a little before a blind date, knowing that the stranger about to enter your life isn’t secretly a criminal. Our background check services fit the occasion.

Available background checks run the gamut from simple but comprehensive criminal record checks to being extensive and detailed, outlining assets, licensing, addresses, vehicle history, information on relatives, bankruptcy, phone number history, and more. Background checks can be especially useful for pre-property rental or pre-employment research.

Most background checks can be run within 24 hours.

Legal Services

No job is too difficult for us, and our careful attention to detail and commitment to customer service means you won’t have to worry when trusting us with your important package or legal documents. We can retrieve, deliver, or file papers at the court, search records at the county clerk, copy deeds of trust and other legal papers, search and copy plat maps, and hand deliver any of the above to you or the desired recipient. If an affidavit confirming delivery would help your case, we can acquire one as part of your service package.

We strive to assist you with your legal documents in any way we can. If you’re in-demand service is not listed on our site, please contact us so we can determine how to help.

Process Service

All of our process servers know the Denver area well and track down those people our customers need to serve on a regular basis. We will provide you with swift, professional service of process. If you're in a hurry, we also offer same-day and rush service of process.

Investigative Services

In case the individual to whom you need to serve legal documents is elusive, we offer stakeout and skip trace services designed specifically to locate someone and quickly serve them legal papers. We won’t waste time or miss a chance to finish a job for a client as we have the proper tools and knowledge to locate people of interest.

Notary Public

We offer notary services. Please inquire about combining notary service with any other services offered, or as a one-time event. Delivery charges do apply.

* You can rest assured that we are now licensed & compliant and will make sure all our in-house investigators and/or contractors are licensed as well, as it pertains to the rules of Private Investigations in the State of Colorado

Our Technology

JAG Express Courier uses modern process servers software for the best results in Colorado. Our software, ServeManager, allows you to track your job, receive status updates, and more. Our use of technology means that your papers are delivered faster and with more accuracy. You can trust JAG to successfully deliver your legal documents when and were your need.

Ask about our collaboration options, quick invoicing, GPS tracking, and automatic status updates to see how we can make process service as easy as possible for all our clients.

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